Welcome to the site for the online shop WebWaaierWinkeltje (Web Fan Shop), for your handcrafted art fans.

The Fan
The fan has already existed for centuries as a fashion element and is of course very well-known and it still is being used in Spain – especially during the flamenco and folklore dance – but also in Japan, China, France, Italy and other countries. Right now they are being used for wafting cool air, but the fan during earlier days was also an attribute to show wealth or status. Fans were also used as a communication tool. Are you interested in how this works then we refer you to the book ´The Language of Fans´ written by me which you can order from us through this site.

Are you looking for an exclusive gift for a special occasion or a lovely birthday present? Or would you like to have a beautiful fan as a decoration on the wall or just for some cool air during warm summer days?
With us you will find beautiful handcrafted art fans made of different materials and of high quality for a reasonable price.

The site will be constantly supplemented with new designs so please feel free to visit us again after a while, and have a look at the newest fans.