The making of

The fan usually consists of loose elements which are connected to each other, but sometimes they also consist of one piece, like the Pai Pai. There were/are used different materials for the manufacture of the fan like: silk, linen, lace, ivory, wood, mother of pearl, tortoise shell and many other materials.

The manufacture of one of the fans
For this fan, I have taken inspiration from the work of the Bulgarian painter Albena Vatcheva. I made a print of a painting that appealed to me, which I then stencilled. I then searched for interesting parts from her job to paint on my fan. I then transferred the shapes to drawing paper and made various designs and from the most interesting I made the contours of this fan.The design is then transferred to the wood and I make a colour study. Everything is cut to size with a jigsaw. It is a very precise job, because you would see every imperfection when the fan is ready. It is sanded over and over again.

Then the image is transferred to the wood. Some parts I cut out to keep it open, so I can put (painted) material in those parts. Then I start with the painting. The colours I choose match the colours from the original painting to remain in the same style. At certain places of the fan I applied a texture applied by means of a drill.

For the finishing of this fan is chosen for wax. I applied several layers and then just polish and polish. The more layers, the more polish, the better it becomes.
It all sounds really simple, donĀ“t you think so?! But some fans, is as much as 90 hours of work.