Exhibition Albena Vatcheva

Centro Integral de la Mujer from 7 till 27 May 2015: Exhibition of the fans made by students from the first and second grade of the course Abaniquería (Fan Design), School of Arts in Cádiz. Two of my designs were to be seen at this exhibition: one fan inspired by the work of the painter Boris Indrikov and of course the fan inspired by the work of painter Albena Vatcheva, the main theme of this exhibition.

Underneath you can read the comment from Albena on my fan:

´What an interesting story and fan, I really appreciate that you shared this with me. I really like your fan and I am very happy to learn about this, as I am not at all familiar with fans.
I would be happy to receive some photos of your exhibition and I am really flattered that somewhere people are inspired by my paintings.
Have a wonderful day,´